Khabane Tactical Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd

 About Us

Khabane derives from the Sotho language and means valuable/precious/ warrior. As the word dictates - your life and your assets are valuable to us.

Khabane Tactical Security Solutions is registered as a Pty Ltd. We are BEE certified and registered at PSIRA (the Governing Body of Security Businesses in South Africa) and comply with all Labour Law requirements. 


Khabane Tactical Security Solutions is an established Security Provider and our main objective is to provide unparalleled service excellence to our clients by ensuring personal attention together with our expertise in all facets of the security industry. We pride ourselves on the loyalty we have attracted from all levels of management and personnel, creating a powerful work force which we render to our clients.  Khabane Tactical Security Solutions are one of the fastest growing companies in South Africa. Since establishment, Khabane Tactical Security Solutions have grown from strength to strength in providing security services that is second to none. In our efforts to be the best in the business, we have introduced the use of Security Agents with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property. Today these services have become a necessity, whether you are an individual at your residence, a multi – national Company or a small start – up business.


Khabane Tactical Security Solutions was formed to bring these services to the masses of South Africa at very cost effective rates, without compromising the quality of services rendered.

We offer a unique insight on the South African security landscape, with a business model based on relevance and sensitivity to clients’ needs. The nature of our business demands that we respond with the appropriate speed, efficiency and professionalism every time. 


Management has forty three years National and International experience in the Security Industry. With this experience we can offer your Company a diversity of Security Solutions.

Our recipe for success is based on the knowledge and experience we accumulated over the past forty three years which we use to the best of our ability.  This will ensure that our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their stuff and assets are well protected.  

How can we serve you?

Khabane Security – Your needs are important to us.

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