Khabane Tactical Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Exceptionally Trained and Rigorously Screened Uniformed Security Professionals 

Khabane Tactical Security Solutions will provide you with certified, licensed and insured Security Guards.  Each Security Professional has been screened to the highest standards of the South African Private Security Regulating Authority (PSIRA).

·  Our pre-employment background investigation far exceeds that of most Security Providers. Furthermore, our personnel all submit to a battery of aptitude tests, drug screening, and extensive in-service training regarding criminal law. Khabane Tactical Security Solutions make use of an employment agency where the applicants are screened before they are sent to our Company for further selection. Every Security Guard is registered at PSIRA. A full applicant investigation of each proposed security guard can be provided on request, prior to commencement.

·  Khabane Tactical Security Solutions offers, free of charge, supervisory personnel to insure strict adherence to our general orders and your rules, regulations and ordinances. Khabane Tactical Security Solutions supervisors are utilized as a liaison between Khabane Tactical Security Solutions and our clients.  Supervisors are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days per year for your convenience and will regularly do spot checks to prevent the issue of complacency.  It is our belief that in order to assure the best quality of service that we stand by, we must keep close relationships with our personnel both on and off duty.

·  At Khabane Tactical Security Solutions, all of our security guards will be equipped with two-way radios or equivalent to ensure constant communication with our management team. Each and every security guard will be in-serviced regularly regarding your specific site to further enhance the protection we provide. We also do pre placement   indebt interview with the client as to insure that understand and provide fully to the clients’ needs.

Khabane Tactical Security Solutions has taken a unique approach to the business of contract security.  Many of our competitors employ minimally screened and trained guards.  Our approach involves a proactive theory of well-groomed, exceptionally trained, uniformed security guards.  Our strategy entails several steps to mitigate the possibility and opportunity for theft of property, or injury to persons within the facility.  The following is an overview of our Security Guard Project:


Applicant Screening

The quality we bring to your environment begins long before you see our security guards.  The Management of Khabane Tactical Security Solutions has resolved to make the recruitment and training of our personnel the key to our success; in that, we conduct hiring initiatives on a regular basis with over 100 applicants per month, with an average of 10 new appointees.  Most applicants are unable to meet our qualifications.



Khabane Tactical Security Solutions conducts training that exceeds that of any of our competitor’s programs.  The knowledge of our management team is passed on to our new employees.  In addition to the mandated Security Board of South Africa certification courses, Khabane Tactical and Security Solutions personnel must attend:  


  • Patrol Techniques and Criminal Law
  • Customer Service Seminar
  • Basic First Aid course
  • Basic Fire Fighting course


Our uniformed security guards are trained to act as a criminal deterrent by adopting the principals of the C.P.F (community policing forum) methodology.  Simply put, our guards are encouraged to be an approachable source of information to patrons, residents and employees.  Letting the public know that we are there for them generates a feeling of community and safety.


The placement of our security guards is what generally places Khabane Tactical Security Solutions in the position to confidently describe the implementation of our security guard project as authentic. Our security guards are trained to make visible foot patrols throughout the premises in undetermined patterns.  We encourage our personnel to interact with your residents as well as contractors in addition to standing a fixed post.


Khabane Tactical and Security Solutions has developed a theory of “Enforcement through Reinforcement.” The Member, who has over twenty years security and law enforcement experience, Nationally and Internationally, has realized that prevention of crime can be accomplished by utilizing tactical approaches, rather than accusations and the traditional methods of our predecessors.  The art of verbal judo is commonplace in our organization and has often been effective in de-escalating volatile situations.


Our uniformed security guards are outfitted with presentable uniforms that vary according to our clients’ needs. Our corporate general orders, require that our personnel keep their uniforms pressed and clean at all times.  Their shoes are polished; military-style and men are clean-shaven with neat haircuts.  Our female officers are held to the same standard.  We pride ourselves on the appearance of our personnel, as they are representing our agency on your premises.


24 Hour Customer Service

Khabane Tactical Security Solutions stands above our competitors by providing an open line of communication with our clientele 24/7 365 days per year


Our offices are staffed around the clock with customer service representatives for your convenience. Our customer service representatives are not salespeople; they are security professionals assigned to light duty or administrative functions.  Desk personnel are utilized as watch-commanders with full authority to make supervisory decisions for Khabane Tactical Security Solutions.



Khabane Tactical and Security Solutions will provide you with a forensic breakdown of costing specifications.  Khabane Tactical Security Solutions maintain a philosophy that in order to retain the highest quality security professionals in the industry, we must compensate them commensurate to their qualifications.  The Management has resolved to reduce our profit margin rather than decrease a security guard’s salary.  Our costing structure provides for a well-paid security professional and a conservative rate to our client.



Khabane Tactical Security Solutions provides liability cover to the client as governed by PSIRA.

Security Service Assignment Schedule

Having reviewed in detail your request for proposal particulars and having understood the scope and schedule of the assignment, Khabane Tactical Security Solutions has identified security professionals who we think are particularly suited to the assignment.   We have selected prospective supervisory personnel on their ability and suitability for the type of assignment, and of course their availability to start right away if  we are fortunate enough to be appointed.


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