Khabane Tactical Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd

We provide Private - and Criminal investigation services using experienced investigators with extensive South African Police Service Detective Service, security and civil investigation experience.

All new investigation mandates received are activated within one hour of the received contract enabling our investigators, without delay, to assist in missing person investigations, serious and violent crime investigations and protection anywhere in South Africa.  We often work together with certain South African Police Service Investigation Units assisting them with intelligence information and "case building" information.  We also reconstruct crime scenes incorporating forensic applied methods using experts in the field.  Our senior investigators have over 34 years of combined investigation experience.  We also undertake Forensic Company investigations working with auditors to build criminal, civil and CCMA cases against employees for future Criminal or Departmental hearings.  

You can be rest assured that our confidential and professional services are internationally recognized.  We have a “do-or-die-trying” attitude and will cross borders to follow leads.

We also specialize in VIP protection for executives and celebrities.  We are also involved in Witness Protection Programs rendering specialized witness protection services.

We draw on our fast experience, proficiency, police background and the knowledge of high tech equipment to deliver an all-inclusive-investigation-service. 

When it comes to investigations like missing persons and background checks, investigators will interview people to get as much information as they possibly can.  Our investigators assist attorneys, businesses and individuals with legal-, personal-, financial issues, computer crimes, identity theft, harassing e-mails and the downloading of illegal or copyrighted materials.  Our detectives often aid in personal injury and civil liability cases, child custody, insurance claims and fraud, child protection cases, missing persons cases and pre-marital screening.  We are also often hired to find out if a spouse is cheating.

Our investigators are trained for hands on surveillance (stake-outs) of private homes, suspicious vehicles or other locations often under the most difficult circumstances.  We successfully investigated various murder cases and missing person’s investigations using our knowledge, investigators and national intelligence gathering network.  We have contactable references of individuals and companies whom used our services in the past.

We also investigate:

Serious and Violent Crimes

We can immediately assist you or your company with any serious and violent crime investigation and will work with the South African Police Service assisting them with a fresh professional approach drawing on our experience and ex- South African Police Service Detectives to confront and apprehend the perpetrators targeting you or your company.  We have access to all data bases and have built a solid relationship with the South African Police Service Detectives and Specialized Units within the South African Police Service assisting their detectives in their investigations often working side by side guiding them with a fresh investigative approach and input based on our knowledge and know-how.  We also directly investigate serious and violent criminal cases and supply the South African Police Service investigation officers with any new information and evidence for the case dossier to be examined by them and for the Senior State Advocate's Office to assess the importance of the new evidence for Criminal Trial.  Our main aim is to make sure that our clients receive a first class service from the South African Police Service and that their criminal complaint receives the necessary attention and that the South African Police Service case dossier is duplicated.  We are well known at various South African Police Service detective branches in South Africa and have an excellent working relationship built on trust and work ethics.

Crime Scene and DNA Applied Forensics 

We have access to forensic investigators who can attend to any crime scene applying their investigation skills incorporating applied forensics.  These investigators are all ex- South African Police Service specialists.

Polygraph Testing

We use the services of only the best polygraphists whom are all members of the South African Polygraph Association.  The data obtained assists us in our investigations.

Constraint of Trade Investigations

We can investigate constraint of trade cases for corporate clients and smaller companies who have a restraint of trade in place per contract prohibiting business activities that is prohibited by the contract after termination of service, pension or while still in their employment.

Missing Persons/ Tracing Service

We can immediately assist you in searching for a missing family member or business partner and proactively assist the South African Police Service in their investigation drawing on our experience and resources.  Often family members are turned away from Police Stations when trying to report a missing person within 24 hours.  These are the critical hours when a track should be taken.  Ignorance or lack of commitment can mean the difference between life and death for the missing person.


We provide Covert Surveillance Services in the investigation of fraud, corruption, theft, and in personal investigations such as matrimonial infidelity and divorce cases.

GPS Vehicle Tracking 

GPS Tracking is a cost effective method of surveillance, often used in infidelity and matrimonial cases to track cars and movement of criminals during criminal investigations.

Domestic Investigations

We are highly experienced in the investigation of all types of marital, custody and infidelity (cheating) within relationships.  Is your food or clothes disappearing from your home?  We can install surveillance equipment to monitor your employee’s conduct at home.

Mobile Phone and Digital Forensics

We are experts in data retrieval, the information extraction and analysis of mobile phones and computers.  We have the experience, skills and resources to recover data or unmasking harassing phone calls.

Background Checks

One of the most essential and valuable components applicable to most investigative processes is a background report comprising all the financial and important information regarding the suspect or business obt 

Asset Location


Information regarding an individual's financial circumstances is an important factor to be considered before taking legal action to recover debts owed.  People have the tendency to hide assets when their creditors come knocking.  We can assist to locate such assets.


Fraud Investigations


We are experienced in investigating incidents of fraud; our investigations may combine a number of our computer forensic analysis, document analysis and surveillance in its many forms.

Computer Forensic

The modern Private Investigator knows how much evidence can be found on a computer.  Our agents of court room qualified computer forensic experts apply cutting edge computer forensic tools and training with old fashion private detective work to provide our clients with superior computer forensic investigation results.

Other Investigations 

These may include E-Mail Tracing, Asset Searches, Locating Individuals, Recorded Statements and much more. No matter what your concern, we encourage you to call us today and speak with a private investigator to discuss how we can help. All calls and consultations are strictly confidential.

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